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EC Fixers has been providing professional quality plasterboard fixing throughout Canterbury for over ten years, and continues to set itself apart from other firms. By specialising in new residential plasterboard fixing we constantly strive to set new standards, We are proud to be part of the Club Gib Installer (CGI) network around NZ. And also a certified business and Tradesman Member of The AWCI (Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries of NZ)

If you are building a new home you will be expecting a high standard of finish, for this to be achieved you have to select the right materials and the right contractors to install them, yet there is still other important steps that might be overlooked which we have listed here.

"If you want to achieve a high class finish you need to employ people who specialise in what they do."









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Plasterboard Fixing Specialists

With the wide selection of quality specialty boards being produced, fixing techniques vary depending on what is been installed. To make sure you get the most.

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